Our Team

Albert van Niekerk

Manging Partner (CEO) & Chairman of the Board

Albert is a renowned professional adept at strategically managing technology and innovation, particularly in bridging academia and industry in applied sciences and technology. With a strong business development and marketing background, he has devised effective methodologies to advance, deploy, and commercialize cutting-edge technologies, garnering recognition from international institutions. Albert’s expertise in translating academic research into tangible business value has earned him prestigious awards and international recognition. His work focuses on integrating academic knowledge into practical business activities, revolutionizing companies’ competitiveness and fostering economic growth. Additionally, he is committed to scholarly dissemination through extensive publications and roles as a peer reviewer and strategic business coach, showcasing his dedication to advancing knowledge and driving innovation globally.

Sharl is a distinguished legal professional, that graduated with a Bacculareus Procurationis (B.Proc) degree in 1981 from the University of Johannesburg. Admitted as an attorney in Pretoria in 1991, he brings 42 years of legal experience, with 23 years in private practice. His expertise spans mergers and acquisitions, legal contracts, debt collection, and due diligence procedures across various sectors, including insurance, micro-lending, banking, and IT. Proficient in English and Afrikaans, he is also an accomplished entrepreneur, serving as a director and shareholder in multiple businesses, including co-founding five companies in insurance and two in IT.

Sharl van Rensburg

Corporate Secretary & Executive Board Member

Chanèlle van Leeuwen

Chief Marketing Officer

Chanèlle is a distinguished Market Communication Officer known for her commitment to fostering impactful relationships between individuals and brands, enhancing clients’ sophisticated image. With a Graphic, Web Design, and Multimedia diploma, she possesses a diverse skill set in graphic design, web design, photography, and social media campaign management. With over 12 years of experience, she has established herself as an industry luminary, empowering individuals and businesses with compelling visual narratives. She recently completed an extensive 2 year course on globalising new technologies and innovations, enhancing her understanding of contemporary market dynamics. Chanèlle’s ability to blend creativity with strategic acumen ensures consistent delivery of results surpassing expectations.