Offering Sections of Business Opportunities

The AvN FoundationRSA is committed to providing comprehensive services tailored to specific sections of the business opportunity, ensuring that clients receive expert guidance and support in key areas.

Intellectual Property Portfolio

Our services encompass developing, managing, and optimising clients’ Intellectual Property (IP) portfolios.

This includes strategic analysis to identify valuable assets, patent drafting and prosecution, trademark registration, IP valuation, licensing negotiations, and enforcement strategies to protect and maximise the value of intellectual assets.

Corporate Governance Framework

We offer advisory services to establish and enhance clients’ corporate governance frameworks, ensuring alignment with regulatory requirements and industry best practices.

This includes board composition and structure, governance policies and procedures, risk management frameworks, compliance monitoring, and board effectiveness evaluations to foster transparency, accountability, and ethical conduct.

Feasible Business Model

Our experts collaborate with clients to design and refine business models that drive sustainable growth and profitability.

This involves market analysis, customer segmentation, value proposition development, revenue generation strategies, cost structure optimisation, scalability assessments, and business model innovation to create compelling value propositions and achieve strategic objectives.

Viable Financial Model

We assist clients in developing robust financial models to support decision-making, forecasting, and financial planning.

This includes financial statement analysis, cash flow projections, budgeting, scenario analysis, sensitivity testing, investment appraisal, and capital structure optimisation to ensure financial sustainability, risk management, and value creation

Competitive investment strategy & offering

Our services extend to advising clients on investment strategies and offerings to optimise returns and mitigate risks. This encompasses investment opportunity identification, due diligence, investment structuring, portfolio diversification, risk assessment, performance monitoring, and exit strategies tailored to clients’ objectives and risk profiles.

Through our tailored services in these specific sections of the business opportunity, the AvN Foundation empowers clients to capitalise on opportunities, mitigate risks, and achieve their strategic goals effectively in today’s dynamic business environment.