About Us

We promote cutting-edge, high-tech products through international marketing initiatives, facilitating widespread adoption and utilisation across diverse industries.

We operate on a dual front, building technology-driven business opportunities to commercialise novel technologies and high-end innovations while providing expertise to entrepreneurs, business managers, and institutions seeking to enhance their IP portfolios and capitalise on dynamic commercialisation opportunities.

In the first facet of its activities, the foundation leverages its robust IP portfolio to conceptualise, develop, and launch innovative ventures to commercialise cutting-edge technologies. These ventures are strategically rolled out in international markets, tapping into global opportunities and maximising the impact of these technological advancements.

Simultaneously, we are a valuable resource for individuals and organisations looking to bolster their IP portfolios and translate them into tangible business opportunities. Through tailored guidance, strategic insights, and hands-on support, the foundation empowers clients to navigate the complexities of IP management and commercialisation, ultimately enabling them to unlock the full potential of their intellectual assets and drive sustainable growth.

By operating at the intersection of technology, innovation, and business strategy, we play a pivotal role in fostering entrepreneurship, driving technological advancement, and facilitating global market expansion, ultimately contributing to the advancement of industries and economies worldwide.

Meet Our Team of Experts

Albert van Niekerk

Manging Partner (CEO) & Chairman of the Board

Albert van Niekerk
Sharl van Rensburg

Corporate Secretary & Executive Board Member

Sharl van Rensburg
Chanèlle van Leeuwen

Chief Marketing Officer

Chanèlle van Leeuwen

Building Opportunities

We are a premier entity renowned for our expertise in constructing technology-driven business opportunities underpinned by several key components.

Offering Sections Of Business Opportunities

We are is committed to providing comprehensive services tailored to specific sections of the business opportunity, ensuring that clients receive expert guidance and support in key areas.